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Light up your world with Twinkly Plus smart lights

From festive to everyday ambiance, Twinkly Plus offers endless possibilities to create beautiful visual experiences. Explore app-controlled LED lights that sparkle, fade and twinkle in beautiful patterns.

The perfect choice for any place and for every occasion

Twinkly plus lights for commercial use


Make your business stand out year-round with Twinkly Plus commercial LED lighting. With easy app control and incredible visual effects, Twinkly transforms any environment into a vibrant and inviting space.

Twinkly plus lighting for residential use


Experience the magic of Twinkly Plus in your own home. With customisable colours, effects and easy setup, Twinkly offers a hassle free way to add ambiance and style to any room.

Twinkly Plus Event Celebration Lighting


Set the stage for your event with dynamic LED lighting solutions. Perfect for festivals, trade shows and special events, Twinkly offers dynamic lighting displays that draw attention and enhance the overall experience for attendees.

Twinkly plus lights for weddings


Make your special day sparkle with Twinkly Plus LED lights. From twinkling canopies to cascading curtain lights, Twinkly offers creative lighting solutions that capture the essence of your love. Create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Twinkly Plus Solution

Next Level Lighting for Today's Needs

Twinkly Plus lighting system is made for easy installation and setup, minimises the hassle and time required to get started. Whether you want to decorate a room for a party or lighting up your premises for any occasion or event, Twinkly Plus can be quickly installed and configured.


Controller to simplify the installation with WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. Connect even the most distant lights.

Twinkly plus controller

How to setup the controller

Enhance your space with beautiful illumination

Setup your light system without any professional tools or expensive systems. The most amazing decorations are now at hand. You will never imagine how easy it is!

Decorate the lights


Install your twinkly lights in the desired location.

Map the lights

Map the lights

Map the exact location of each LED using your smartphone camera

Play effects

Play effects

Use amazing effects from the gallery or generate your own effects

Sit back, relax and enjoy the magical glow of your Twinkly Plus lights!

Unleash Your Imagination with Twinkly App

Use the Twinkly app to make your light decorations truly unique. Apply and customise effects and animations, create your own and control them with the touch of a finger.

Twinkly Plus Effects

Apply the effects below

Candycane glow effect
Rainbow Effect
Rainfall Effect

Download the Twinkly app


The all-in-one solution for professional lighting projects